What is the difference between Biocranial and other cranial sacral techniques?

Differences between Biocranial and other Cranial Sacral Techniques

A Biocranial correction expands all 22 skull bones / balances and improves brain function, improves the primary respiratory mechanism, and globally resets the body and improves wellness all in one visit and within 3 minutes.

Other cranial sacral techniques require a doctor to palpate (feel) cranial rhythms to determine which cranial bone(s) are out of alignment and are not functioning properly. This approach is mechanistic at best. This process is tedious and the results are not nearly as profound.

Biocranial addresses a level of causation never before realized. The founder of Biocranial, Dr Boyd, believes every one of us arrives in this world structurally (and therefore physiologically) “flawed” in varying degrees. Bio Cranial is the only system to recognize not only this, but also the nature of the “flaw” (anatomical flexion) within the cranial system and what needs to be done about it.

The results speak for themselves.

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