Nutrient / Stressor Evaluation

Nutritional Testing

How healing occurs in the body is through the brain and central nervous system. If interference and dysfunction occur in the brain, the body cannot function well and ill health becomes a reality. Biocranial removes such interference and is absolutely amazing at improving brain function. The brain also needs tools to repair the body and get it functioning normally again. This is where nutritional testing is essential.

Nutritional Testing: To determine which tools and fuels are necessary, procedures and testing modalities combined and formulated by Dr. Augustine are used to determine the precise, custom-designed nutrient protocol and strategy for repair and healing. Furthermore, dietary changes are also necessary to remove the reason that the internal fire is blazing the body towards sickness and disease. Dr. Augustine foundationally works on getting the body to heal, rather than treating symptoms or disease.

Dietary changes are also necessary to remove whatever is fueling the body towards sickness and disease.

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