Heart Rate Variability

What is Heart Rate Variability (HRV)?

HRV (Heart Rate Variability) is a specialized EKG that demonstrates heart function, a person’s stress level, Autonomic Nerve System imbalances and it also provides a very accurate health marker.

Dr. Augustine uses HRV to determine the health of a person, with specific importance placed on the Autonomic Nerve System. The Autonomic Nerve System is the side of the nervous system that works behind the scenes to regulate the body. It controls the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, immune system and all bodily functions automatically without your knowledge, and it is also WHAT HEALS YOU. It’s imperative to bring it back into balance. If we do this, the body heals. If your nerve system is out of balance, then your health is out of balance. In addition, Heart Rate Variability provides information about aspects of health, such as a person’s stress level, liver and adrenal gland function. All this information is useful in understanding and developing a strategy towards health and wellness that is unique to you!

Once the HRV demonstrates the imbalances, Dr. Augustine can focus on removing them so your body can get back to healing.

To learn how HRV can benefit you, watch the following video!

Heart Rate Variability - heart function & ANSHeart Rate Variability - health marker

What is Valsalva Index Testing?

The Valsalva index test is used to determine hidden Autonomic Nerve System potential, how deeply ingrained the nerve system problem is, and how long it may take to help someone heal.

Dr. Augustine has found that people with substantial illness or disease have very deeply ingrained neurologic interference patterns. These patterns require time and effort to release and then retrain the nerve system back to creating health and wellness.

How does Dr. Augustine accomplish this task? Biocranial.

Heart Rate Variability - Valsalva Index Test

provoke the ANS to see how it responds