Full Body Scan

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Method of healing

A person comes into my office with complaints. The brain is what heals the body and the tools necessary for repair would be whole-food nutrition, herbs, or homeopathic remedies. How do I know what organs need support? I use an amazing tool called an ES Teck Complex, which is a full body scan technology. It’s non-invasive, and scans a unique region throughout the body called the interstitial space, providing me a more holistic view of a person’s full body physiology. Does it replace medical tests, no! But it provides more insight into how the body is working.

What is the Holistic Full Body Scan?

People have come into his office with a known diagnosed disease, and the scan not only picks up on the disease, but also shows much more.

What is the ES Teck Complex?

The ES Teck Complex is an amazing piece of technology that provides accurate information about a person’s whole body physiology. Dr. Augustine uses this technology in part to aid and assist him in developing knowledge of where the body is struggling so that he can support healing and repair. This full body scan technology is different from others, that provide imaging of organs.

Some of the information the ES Teck provides:

  Organs Processes Biochemistry
Cardiovascular Oxygenation of Tissues Cholesterol (estimated)
Digestive Acid-base Balance (pH) Calcium
Immune Blood Pressure Magnesium
Kidney / Urogenital Blood Thickness Potassium
Neuromuscular Nutritional Needs Phosphates
Respiratory VO2 (oxygen uptake) Hormonal Values
Brain / Neurological Cellular Health / Activity Neurotransmitters
Metabolism Activity Nitric oxide
Nerve System
Body Mass Index
Phase angle
Water content
Disease screening


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Dr. Augustine