Allergy Solutions

Providing Allergy Solutions by removing and eliminating allergy stressors

Sneezing, sniffling, sinus pressure, gas,bloating,Allergy Solutions diarrhea, itching, welting, burning skin irritations, wheezing and difficulty breathing are all things the body does to expel toxins it believes to be harmful. And they’re all symptoms any allergy sufferer could do without. That’s why we provide the perfect Allergy Solutions for Allergy sufferer’s.

The Allergy Elimination System (AES) is the culmination of 30 years of research in the allergy related field with the goal to help reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms in a safe and holistic manner. We use state-of-the-art technology in computerized biofeedback to screen for sensitivity to over 96,000 substances (allergens). This is accomplished using acupuncture points and electrodes to measure the body’s response to those substances.

Our approach to Allergy Solutions is called Neurological Stress Reduction (NSR), and is based on proven, accepted science. It allows people who generally have very few, if any, treatment options to experience relief from their symptoms. It’s fast, highly accurate in substance specific assessment, non-invasive, painless and effective. 


NSR is based on stress. More specifically, that stress can cause or intensify most health related conditions, because the brain has the tendency to mix up stressful events with substances (like pollen, food, etc), which can lead to things like allergies.

Therefore, a general reduction of stress levels can significantly decrease symptoms of many conditions. NSR does this by associating substances (pollen, food, etc) with positive stimulus instead of stressful ones, so as to alleviate or eliminate the triggers that lead to allergies

What We Do:

First, we measure stress levels in the Autonomic Nervous System and identify the substances that cause stress levels to rise. Then, we couple these environmental stressors with a positive stimulus. This results in the positive conditioning of your brain to no longer respond in a stressful manner (aka sneezing or diarrhea) during real world substance exposure. And this all occurs without drugs, needles and dietary restrictions.

More specifically, NSR incorporates low level light (LLL) to induct homeopathic frequencies of the most responsive stressors measured from the scan, thereby essentially erasing the negative responses right off of the sympathetic / stress nervous system. When this is accomplished, there is no overreaction in the immune system.

Our devices are not meant to diagnose or treat any specific condition. The benefits of reducing stress on the nervous system however, and reducing or eliminating autonomic nervous system mediated responses, can have wide reaching positive effects on a number of symptoms and conditions that previously had limited therapeutic options.

If you or anyone you know suffer’s allergies and is looking for Allergy Solutions  and or you need more information about our Holistic Allergy Solutions please contact our office or simply call – 562.860.3404 to set up an appointment.

Dr. Agustine