Is Biocranial safe for infants and children?

Biocranial and Children

Biocranial and children is a perfect combination. We have found that Biocranial is the best we’ve seen for all ages of children – from birth through adolescence. The technique is extremely gentle, with no forceful manipulations of the spine. Children really enjoy its gentleness and often hop up onto the tables in anticipation of their neurological corrections! This is one of the most powerful methods known to improve your child’s health. From traumatic birth injuries, to severe food allergies, Biocranial has been the most powerful way to normalize the function of the body and improve healing and wellness.

Will the Biocranial program improve my clinical results?

Biocranial is the most powerful system of healthcare because it improves brain function directly. Since the brain controls everything in the body, including HEALING, it really doesn't matter what the problem or condition is...a person's ability to heal is greatly improved.

Are you saying that the Biocranial protocol can address problems such as S/I, sciaticas, herniated discs, rotator cuffs, meniscus, tennis elbow, “frozen” shoulder?

Yes, it is the system of choice, because Biocranial powerfully enables healing throughout the body, no matter what the problem or condition.

Is Biocranial useful for injuries – sports, auto accidents, home, industrial etc?

Biocranial is almost always first choice, once localized trauma such as fractures has been excluded. Enabling the healing process is the exact essential process for all accidents and injuries.

Is Biocranial indicated for children?

The younger the better. Pediatric (children) problems are increasingly widespread and Biocranial has been found to be well indicated for such conditions as birth trauma, asthma, allergies, colic, cerebral palsy, ADD, hyperactivity, dyslexia and autism, to name a few. Kids respond amazingly well because they are so new! They haven't had years of the same patterned health problems. Biocranial and children are a great combination if you're interested in profound healing.

How can a single, cranial technique (Bio Cranial Therapy) achieve such dramatic health results?

Dr Boyd, the founder of Bio Cranial Therapy, believes that the cranio-sacral system is a total unit, and is the engine of every process taking place in the body. If it is lesioned/subluxated, so is everything else "flawed". There is only one state of structural normality and that is determined at the cranial level. Bio Cranial Therapy is the unique system that addresses that need.

How do I know which Biocranial Therapy procedure to use for different health problems?

There is only one Biocranial Therapy procedure to perform. Biocranial Therapy gets to the core of the underlying weaknesses in the system. This even applies in areas where injuries appear to be the cause, whereas in most cases, the injury is secondary to the weaknesses already present, due to the cranial / neurological problem.

What is the difference between Biocranial and other cranial sacral techniques?

Differences between Biocranial and other Cranial Sacral Techniques

A Biocranial correction expands all 22 skull bones / balances and improves brain function, improves the primary respiratory mechanism, and globally resets the body and improves wellness all in one visit and within 3 minutes. Other cranial sacral techniques require a doctor to palpate (feel) cranial rhythms to determine which cranial bone(s) are out of alignment and are not functioning properly. This approach is mechanistic at best. This process is tedious and the results are not nearly as profound. Biocranial addresses a level of causation never before realized. The founder of Biocranial, Dr Boyd, believes every one of us arrives in this world structurally (and therefore physiologically) "flawed" in varying degrees. Bio Cranial is the only system to recognize not only this, but also the nature of the "flaw" (anatomical flexion) within the cranial system and what needs to be done about it. The results speak for themselves.

Does Biocranial involve lengthy office time and monitoring of cranial rhythms like cranial sacral therapy?

The Biocranial procedure takes no more than about 3 minutes for any patient. There is no need at all for the monitoring of cranial rhythms, as is standard practice of cranial sacral therapy. A Biocranial correction expands globally, all 22 skull bones simultaneously, thereby dramatically improving brain function, and wellness.


What are the differences in supplements?

There are huge differences in vitamins. The best approach is common sense - what is in food? As you know, food fuels our bodies and is the tools for repair. Would it also be reasonable to think that our vitamins / supplements should be food-based as well? You're right - the answer is yes! Most everything on the market is SYNTHETIC AND FRACTIONATED - CREATED IN A LAB. How can you tell - being the consumer, what is good and what is not? Look at the ingredients. If you see exact measured, individual vitamins, then that supplement is synthetic and the body will reject it. The body doesn't understand what isolated / individual vitamins and amino acids are. Also..it's not the quantity that matters, but the quality. Lemon juice (23 mg of food-based vitamin C) compared to 500 mg of ascorbic acid for people with scurvy (a vitamin C deficiency) out-performs synthetic vitamin C. The bottom line - use food-based nutrition!

PEMF (Cell Exercise)

Is Cell Exercise Effective for Healing?

Cell Exercise - Tissue Recharging

Cell exercise is an amazing technology that exercises / energizes cells. Dr. Harold Saxton Burr stated that every illness known to man is preceded by a loss of cellular charge and therefore by re-energizing the cells, the disease does not manifest.

Torque Release Technique

What types of conditions can a Torque Release Chiropractor help?

As a torque release chiropractor, It’s important to note that TRT is not a treatment for specific diseases. TRT is meant to correct nerve system disturbance (subluxation) which is interfering with health, healing, repair and adaptability. Symptoms are indicators of changes occurring in the body. We don’t necessarily want to turn off the symptom / indicator, but find out what is causing it. Allowing what controls all healing and repair to be released, and on the job 100%, can maximize your response to whatever symptom or condition you may encounter. So if your body is experiencing stomach ulcers because of nerve stresses, TRT will help. If your body's immune system is depleted because of neurological stresses, TRT will help. If your body is experiencing back pain due to neurological stresses, TRT will help. As a torque release chiropractor, my specialty is finding causes to health challenges and freeing up the nerve system so you can heal. Give us a call to begin your program of care and find out what all the excitement is about!

I didn’t feel any popping sounds…did you really give me a chiropractic adjustment?

There are many ways of providing a chiropractic adjustment. Some involve a physical movement of the joints between two spinal bones, resulting in the sound that people are so familiar with. Other techniques use light force that do not cause any sound. Both techniques work! The result is to remove nerve system interference, so that the body can heal. It all comes down to the intent of the chiropractor in releasing stresses to your nervous system. Dr. Augustine uses a combination of techniques to provide you the finest care possible. Nerve system results are everything. Either directly adjust the nerve system (low force - Torque Release Technique) or traditional, indirect adjusting - spinal adjusting by re-aligning the spinal bones which will take interference away from the nerve system.

What can I expect from Torque Release Technique?

The effects you feel from Torque Release Technique are dependent upon your own body’s healing capability. If you are mentally and physically ready to begin the healing process, the Torque Release Technique protocol is a very powerful system, since it releases deep neurological stresses, even from events that happened earlier in your life. In fact some patients have stated that they have experienced memories from childhood during their Torque Release adjustments. If you really want to enjoy the benefits of the Torque Release Technique protocol, a minimum of three to six months of care is recommended to start. This style of neurological correction is based upon repetition, energy, and time. It takes repetition to clear the neurological habit patterns that have been accumulating for years. It takes energy on both the doctor’s part and your part to begin the healing process. And finally, it takes time for your body to heal. Many people notice a tremendous sense of relaxation and well-being after a TRT adjustment. Most people take deep sighs after these adjustments as their bodies release deep neurological stresses that have been accumulating over the years. Overall, it’s always a very pleasant and enjoyable experience.Enter answer here

What is Torque Release Technique?

Torque Release Technique is called a “tonal” technique because it normalizes the tone of the nervous system. Imagine that your nervous system has a volume control—if you turn the volume up too high, it causes distortion (increased tone) which can show up, for example, as internal organ complaints, musculoskeletal stresses, diminished immune response and emotional/behavioral problems. The same thing occurs if the volume control is set too low, in other words the nervous system is not sending enough messages to the body for what is necessary to get the job done (decreased tone). This causes your body systems to become sluggish. They slow down function and sometimes simply turn off. The muscles can become weak and do not support your skeleton well, leading to all sorts of aches and pains. Torque Release Technique corrects these problems with increased or decreased neurological tone by normalizing the functioning of the nerves, spinal cord and brain. TRT is based upon correcting nerve system disturbance called subluxations. The nerve system attachments to the spine only occur in a small number of sites; the skull, upper and lower neck area, the sacrum and coccyx (tailbone).