Natural Lupus Treatments

Natural Lupus Treatments, Fact of Fiction?

Are there any Natural Lupus Treatments available? Many people that suffer from Lupus have been wondering that for decades. There are many different approaches to treating Lupus within traditional healthcare. This common approach usually will be various combinations of medications, which are not without side-effects.  All autoimmune diseases have some common causes. What you won’t hear, when you attempt to heal from autoimmune diseases and issues with traditional healthcare is anything about the causes of these illnesses.

Once you have been diagnosed with lupus, a traditional doctor will develop a treatment plan based on your age, symptoms, general health, and lifestyle. The goals of any “traditional” treatment plan are to:

  • reduce inflammation caused by lupus
  • suppress the overactive immune system
  • prevent flare-ups, and treat them when they occur
  • control symptoms like fatigue and joint pain
  • minimize damage to vital organs

People with Lupus often require other drugs for treatment of conditions commonly seen with this Autoimmune disease. Some of the examples of these medications might include, antibiotics for infections, antihypertensive drugs for high blood pressure, diuretics for fluid retention, bone-strengthening drugs for osteoporosis, and anticonvulsants for seizure disorders. All of these drugs come with a list of side affects that can ultimately affect other areas of the body. A traditional doctor will instruct his Lupus patients to take these medications exactly as they are prescribed. Forgetting to do this or taking the wrong dosage at the wrong time of day will affect how well the drugs work and whether your symptoms of lupus can be brought under control.   This type of treatment does not address the real problem of Lupus, it merely addresses and treats the symptoms of Lupus. Treatment of this type does not look or take into consideration the causes of Lupus nor any other natural lupus treatments.

Our experience at Ahead to Wellness is fairly simple and straight forward. If we seek to find what’s causing the body to be ill, and work at that level by removing the barriers to healing and not by just treating the symptoms of Lupus, then, and only then, can you truly begin the healing process. At our Ahead to Wellness center, we do not “treat” disease or just address the symptoms. Our natural lupus treatments focus on the antecedents to disease, and improve healing through the central nervous system  by removing the barriers to healing with Cellular Exercise, Biocranial, Whole food Nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

Which would a person with Lupus want more: to treat the disease or to heal from it? We at Ahead to Wellness truly believe the answer to this emotional question is to heal from this horrible illness. We approach this disease with Natural Lupus Treatments in mind. The main difference in how we evaluate and approach Lupus vs how the traditional medical doctors will approach Lupus, is night and day. They focus primarily on treating Lupus and it’s symptoms, we focus on enabling the entire body to heal by removing the barriers to healing.

For more information on our Natural Lupus Treatments or any other Autoimmune disease related questions and how we might be able to help you start the healing process within your own body contact our office or simply call – 562.860.3404 to set up an appointment.

Dr. Augustine