Woman Drinks Coke Instead Of Water For 16 Years

Woman Drinks Coke Instead Of Water For 16 Years


Crazy but true. No water for 16 years? Only Coca Cola. Wow…heart arrhythmias and fainting. Hum….I guess what we consume does have an effect on our health! I think that Coke would not be the best drinking water!

I’d recommend at least (minimum) 32 ounces of water per day. Preferably filtered spring water, but take a food-based mineral supplement, as most bottled water is devoid of minerals.

Dr. Augustine

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How to Avoid Cancer

How to Avoid Cancer

Cancer is certainly on the rise in America, as cancer is the number two (2) killer of people in America. How can this be if America is number one in the world, as a super power and the latest and greatest of all possibilities regarding health and wealth are found here in the United States?

The reality and problem is found in our food source. The Standard American Diet (SAD), yes, is quite sad. It’s devoid of real nutrients, but it tastes good, right? Not only is it bad for you, but it steals nutrients from you. Flour-based, processed foods, fast foods, high carbohydrate foods and man destroyed fats are all taking it’s toll on Americans. As the American diet continues to dive and worsen, with gluten and genetically modified grains, we have seen a higher incidence of cancers.

How can we avoid cancer? First and foremost, anti-oxidants! Our bodies form free-radicals, also known as oxidative stressors, which damage our cells, our DNA and push us towards cancer. Higher levels of free-radicals are associated with higher risk of cancer. We eat foods that traditionally protect us by scavenging up and quenching the oxidative stress with the anti-oxidants in our foods, like oranges, carrots, yellow and orange bell peppers, and many more. These foods have many anti-oxidants in them like vitamins A, C and E, Carotenoids, and others.

Now there is a specialized scanner that measures your anti-oxidant levels. The scan is painless, non-invasive and takes only 90 seconds. We now provide this service for people so they know their anti-oxidant levels and can take control of their health to avoid cancer.

If you’d like to get scanned, contact us and we will help you take charge of your health and wellness.

Dr. Augustine

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Could Steve Jobs still be alive if he used Holistic Pancreatic Cancer Alternative Treatment?

Pancreatic Cancer Alternative Treatment

That’s the question – “could Steve Jobs still be alive if he used Holistic Pancreatic Cancer Alternative Treatment?” I believe the answer is yes. I only say this in light of the fact that I just finished recently with a patient who was in stage 2 pancreatic cancer and already had undergone 6 months of chemotherapy and surgery.  He gave that all up to do some sort of alternative care. He ended up at my office by referral from another patient who had success in my practice.  When he entered my office he was near death’s door.

Luis had tremendous success in my office, and I did not treat cancer. My objective was to determine why he wasn’t able to heal and I therefore focused on what does cure, treat and heal – which is his central nervous system.  Initially, we used a full body scanning technology to determine which organ systems were problematic, and his cellular health.

Within his first 6 weeks of care, post evaluation showed amazing results. He continued to see his oncologist for evaluations (blood work and imaging) and his doctors were very impressed and surprised.

He has continued to progress so well that his oncologist recently performed an extensive workup / evaluation and made the statement that his pancreatic cancer is not in remission but it is gone – he succeeded in beating pancreatic cancer.

Did I treat pancreatic cancer using “pancreatic cancer alternative treatments”? Absolutely not. His body is what cured, treated and healed. My focus entirely is on what heals the body and that which heals, comes from within – his central nervous system.

If you have any questions regarding help with your health challenges, please feel free to contact me at 562.860.3404 or drjim@aheadtowellness.com.

Dr. Augustine

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Nutritional Supplements are Being Attacked once again

Nutritional Supplements are Being Attacked once again

Medicine and Medical Errors of the Leading Cause of Death

Ten years ago, Professor Bruce Pomerance of the University of Toronto concluded that properly prescribed and correctly taken pharmaceutical drugs were the fourth leading cause of death in the US.

More recently, Johns Hopkins Medical School refined this research and discovered that medical errors and prescription drugs together may actually be the LEADING cause of death.

Think about this… the primary form of “health care” and treatment actually kills more people than any disease plaguing our society… Sobering, isn’t it?

Back in 2004, a national survey sent to head and neck surgeons revealed that 45 percent of specialists had committed medical errors in their practice in the preceding six months, affecting both pediatric and adult patients. Of those errors, 37 percent had caused “major injury or harm,” and 4 percent were fatal.

More recently, a study investigating the prevalence of preventable medical mistakes found that between 2006 and 2008, there were nearly 1 million incidents among Medicare patients alone, and 1 in 10 were deadly.

In dollars and cents, these medical mistakes cost the health care system $8.9 billion.

Is Your Health Safe in the Hands of the U.S. Medical Care System?

The obvious answer is, no.

The U.S. health system is in a downward spiral with no indications of slowing down or reversing. I’ve been warning people about this tragic state of affairs for more than two decades.

Every measurable index indicates that despite the ever-increasing amounts of money invested, your chances of achieving optimal health through this system is only getting worse.

The U.S. now ranks LAST out of 19 countries for unnecessary deaths — deaths that could have been avoided through timely and effective medical care.

For example, more than 2 million Americans are now affected by hospital-acquired infections every year, and 100,000 people die as a result.

In essence, what we have here is a trend of health care costs rising, mistakes increasing, and pharmaceutical drug-induced side effects and deaths skyrocketing.

The FDA and AMA are not happy yet and are attacking alternative medicine to acquire control of nutritional supplements. If you read current news on the topic, you’ll find that there are news clips about how taking nutritional supplements is dangerous and needs to be regulated. This is because it’s coming for a vote and you need to be informed and ready. Considering this information, and certainly using common sense, which approach – alternative medicine or traditional medicine needs to be policed? In light of the above information, I think there is significant need to clean up our current traditional healthcare system.

Go to Alliance for Natural Health and sign the petition

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The CAUSE of Allergy Symptoms

What is the CAUSE of Allergy Symptoms?

Since it is the time of year that allergens are being released into the air from plants and winds blow them around, we become more aware of allergy symptoms and are looking for relief.

What causes allergy symptoms? You’d be surprised to learn that ultimately, it’s not your immune system. Yet all of traditional healthcare approaches allergies with medications that suppress the immune system and hence, people can feel some relief. While this is the current, popular approach, it’s not the best way and it’s not the safest way, as allergy medications are not without side-effects.

The cause of allergy symptoms is an imbalance in the autonomic nerve system – specifically the sympathetic nerve system. The sympathetic nerve system is the stress nervous system. It perceives stressors in the environment, and controls the immune response to attack and neutralize them. Every time the immune system is active (allergy, infection or injury) you will always be tired. Have you ever been sick and full of energy?

Certainly it’s a good idea to stay away from the stressor. Is it realistic to be able to do this the rest of your life? Probably not. A better way would be to erase / neutralize the impression made in the sympathetic nerve system that triggers the immune response.

Through a process of scanning / testing, we can, in essence, erase the imprint that is in the nervous system, which causes the immune response. If there is no negative response to a stressor in the nerve system, then there will be no response in the immune system.

Dr. Augustine


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Cellular Health – The missing link to healing

Cellular Health – The missing link to healing

It has been my experience in practice that most chronic illness (i.e. pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma cancer, autoimmune diseases like Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis) all have a common denominator – which is poor cellular health.

If a person’s cellular health is low, and not improved, then how can healing occur in the body? This is why most people in chronic illness do not heal. Cells should look similar to a plump grape, but instead, in chronic disease, they look more like wrinkled / shriveled raisins, with thick cell walls.  How can doctors who treat cancer or any chronic illness get the medication into the cells to do its job? In my case, how can I get oxygen and nutrition into the cells to function normally?

As the cells become progressively more unhealthy, the cell walls begin to thicken and it becomes increasingly difficult to get transport of anything in and out of the cells and therefore, there is poor cell / tissue activity.

Our approach is first and foremost, a specialized, non-invasive scanning technology to evaluate cellular health and full body physiology. Once discovered, we can then proceed typically with specialized comprehensive homeopathy, to improve cellular detoxification and activity.

Furthermore, Cell Exercise is an essential tool for improving the responsiveness of cells in the body. This special combination of repair tools – comprehensive homeopathy & Cell Exercise added to Biocranial (improved brain function, which in turn, creates healing in the body) and you have healing! Do you think this might be a good choice as a Pancreatic Cancer alternative treatment, or for a natural Lupus treatment?

I am not focused on treating cancer or any disease, but improving a person’s ability to heal.

Dr. Augustine

PS if you have any questions and would like to consult about healing from your health challenges, please feel free to contact me at drjim@aheadtowellness.com


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Thoughts on Cancer


Because cancer is such a scary problem, people need to know the truth and focus on how to heal. There is an increased incidence of cancer of many forms occurring these days. From pancreatic cancer, to lung cancer, lymphoma cancer, breast cancer, all are increasing today and the bigger picture is the progressive and continued movement away from healing.  In all the research that has been going on for decades now, nothing has been cured. We will sign up for marathons and runs or races of various types, and they want us to run for a “cause”, to raise money for research for cancer. Nothing has changed.

It has been my experience now with many patients who have had cancer that the core, foundational causes of cancer are overlooked, but the standard of care is chemotherapy, radiation and / or surgery.

My approach is evaluating the central nervous system. Since the central nervous system is in control of all systems, organs and tissues in the body, it is obviously what heals the body. Every person that I’ve seen, who is experiencing cancer, ALWAYS has a central nervous system that is way out of balance. Since we can bring it back into balance with Biocranial, we begin to see amazing changes and improvements in the body’s ability to heal. Then at the same time, I provide the tools necessary to repair the body and fuel it correctly, the results are even better.

Let me be clear…I do not treat cancer, or cure cancer. Treating, curing and healing only comes from within the body. Medicine can remove the effects of cancer (i.e tumors) through surgery, chemo, and / or radiation.  Healing, which is my focus, happens within the body and is powerfully set in motion using Biocranial, nutrition, herbs or homeopathics and Cell Exercise.

Do you think that by improving the central nervous system, other areas in the body may heal and function better? Yes, you’re right, they will!

Dr. Augustine

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A Cure for Pancreatic Cancer

A Cure for Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is an absolutely terrible illness with very bad outcomes. “Cancer Facts & Figures 2012,” released by the American Cancer Society stated, pancreatic cancer remains the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the United States for both men and women. As noted in the report the top five cancer killers are, in order, lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer. Solid progress in increasing survival rates among each of these leading cancer killers has been made in the traditional medical community, with the exception of pancreatic cancer. It is the only cancer among the top five cancer killers that our nation has yet to make significant progress towards increasing the survival rate. The five-year relative survival rate is just six percent and has not changed significantly in over 40 years.

The approach to all cancers is always focused on treating cancer. Is there truly a cure for Pancreatic cancer? The answer is no but there is light at the end of the tunnel when you focus on healing. Let me put this very clearly – would you rather heal from an illness compared to treating disease? As you know, doctors can remove body parts, and provide lots of medication, but they cannot get you to heal. The issue behind the success rates with all cancers, including but not limited to Lymphoma Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and even Pancreatic Cancer is treating the symptoms of it, instead of looking for causes and getting a person to heal from it. The current approach is ALWAYS chemotherapy, and / or radiation, and / or surgery. This approach has nothing to do with healing, but only treating the effects of the illness. This may be a good idea, in one sense, as it may increase or extend their life.

How about focusing on healing? This does not mean abandoning the treatments with their oncologist. Most people who suffer from cancer are already involved with some sort of traditional cancer treatment; therefore I’ve always seen people who would like to heal, even during their chemo or radiation treatment. They are not very happy with their health, or what’s left of it, and it is fleeting from them.

What heals the body is a very special side of the nervous system. It is ALWAYS having problems when your health is having problems. There is a very powerful way to improve and balance the autonomic nerve system called Biocranial. The tools for healing and repair in the body are always whole-food, but if a person’s cellular health is too low, then food and / or herbs, even chemotherapy doesn’t work.

There are ways to improve cellular health, a person’s pH, and balance and improve the autonomic nerve system in our office. Once this is done, it’s quite exciting how healthy a person becomes.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation to see if this approach is for you at 562.860.3404.

Dr. Augustine


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Source of Harmful Sugar

fructose overload infographic

Discover the fructose content of common foods, beverages, sauces, and even sugar substitutes in our infographic “Fructose Overload.”

fructose overload infographic

Discover the fructose content of common foods, beverages, sauces, and even sugar substitutes in our infographic “Fructose Overload.”

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UK scientists develop safer foot-and-mouth vaccine | Reuters – NO THANKS


What are the side-effects? Of course the implication is that it would actually work, but there are so many medical citations that demonstrate vaccines cause immune suppression that I would be concerned and very cautious. As for me and my family, I will build the immune system vs assault it with parts of a virus and other chemicals that are known toxins.

Dr. Augustine

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